Schletter – professional solar mounting systems for solar farms and commercial projects

German engineering firm, Schletter, is a medium-sized, family owned business now operating across Australia. Run from their head office in near Haag, Germany, Schletter produces professional solar mounting systems for solar farms and large scale commercial solar projects. As customers would expect of a German based brand, there is a strong focus on quality and specialisation – each project is approached on an individual basis to ensure the best solution for each customer.

About Schletter

Schletter was founded in 1983 by Ludwig Schletter senior, who still plays an active role in the company. Today operational management has been handed to his son, Ludwig Schletter junior, who employs 600 members of staff and oversees a production area of 33,000 meters2.

Schletter has been involved in a number of large scale projects within Australia. All products are produced at the company’s manufacturing facilities in Germany to ensure quality control before being shipped internationally.

Schletter produces a number of environmentally sustainable solutions for solar mounting systems, traffic engineering and trade fair constructions, as well as a side line project in ‘sport equipment’ – mini-motorised bikes, and snow mobiles (plus a variation for sand). Common to the entire product range is highly engineered, innovative developments, with intelectual property patents on many of the company’s designs including their solar mounting systems.

Schletter solar mounting system before addition of solar PV panels

Schletter – project planning

The Schletter approach is to develop each project on a bespoke, individual level using their ‘check list‘ as a starting point for development. Indicative costs per watt are not available and Schletter advise contacting them in the early stages of project development to discuss project requirements and generate cost estimates. The Solar Choice Commercial Solar Team can help with this early planning phase: liaising with mounting system companies; like Schletter; solar PV panel and inverter manufacturers; and, the putting the project out to tender to our network of installers.

Schletter – solar mounting system product range

Schletter has a number of options available for the installation of solar systems, whether ground mounted, roof mounted, integrated in building facades or developed into shading and charging ports for car parking facilities. All of Schletters system components have a 10 year durability guarantee, by purchasing a service and maintenance plan from Schletter this can potentially be extended.

Schletter uses high grade aluminium in their product production that meets European standards, the lowest grade available in European markets is equivalent to the highest grade in China.

The final system mounted on Schletter engineered systemOpen area

Schletter solutions for open area (solar farms) are potentially a cost saving, more environmentally friendly, option for large scale open area commercial developments. For installations over 100kW metal supports are pile driven into the ground, the expense and time required for concrete foundations can be avoided.

For developments under 100kW, or where soil is excessively acidic, the system can be mounted onto concrete foundations.

Open area brochure

Roof and facade

The roof and facade systems are designed to be assembled in a modular fashion. Schletter provides installers with instructions and calculation programes to ensure efficient use of time and reduction of mistakes.

Roof and facade brochure

Park@Sol carport systems

Schletter’s product portfolio includes the P-Charge charging station. To accomodate the P-Charge Station and provide alternative energy transport options to businesses with large, open air, car parking areas the Part@Sol mounting solution was developed.

Park@Sol brochure

Commercial solar power project management

The Solar Choice Commercial Solar Team offer clients looking to install large solar power systems or solar farms over 30kW. Through our Tender Management Platform we offer a streamlined solution for managing all aspect of your commercial solar power project.

For more information please click on the orange tab at the top of the Solar Quote Comparison and fill in a few basic details about yourself and your project. Alternatively, please contact Matt Lasauce (Solar Choice Commercial Tenders Manager) on 0410 124 850 to find out more.

All images via Schletter

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Rebecca Boyle


  1. i own a 40 acre flat farm that i want to put a solar farm on the farm is located at 4682 nc hwy 111 south seven springs nc 28578 and is less than 2 miles from a sub station the substation is owned by tri county electric

    1. Hi Edna,

      We’re an Australian company and are not active in the US. Wishing you luck with your solar prospecting, however!

  2. “Schletter uses high grade aluminium” “the lowest grade available in European markets is equivalent to the highest grade in China.” I find this claim to be rather remarkable as Chinese Aluminium is imported and sold in Europe. and owning a Toyota and my “last” Mercedes have become rather disillusioned with Made in Germany is the best or confused with quality or the most expensive. Perhaps just giving the ISO number would be better than this claim.

    1. Hi James,

      I looked into this a bit further for you, generally speaking European Standards are higher than elsewhere especially Asia. Some of the Aluminium from China is actually produced using leftover/scrap metal from European builds and this is significantly lower grade than the original. The certifications on the Schletter website are in German. with a few English versions but not for Aluminium, but if you would like to have a look you can find a complete list on their website.

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