Diamond Energy, Australia’s solar-friendly energy retailer, secures investment from SunPower Corporation

Australian owned energy retailer Diamond Energy has recently announced that Amercian solar manufacturer SunPower has bought a ‘cornerstone shareholding’ in the company. The investment will allow Diamond Energy to expand the products and services it delivers to the Australian market and place the company in a stronger position to support commercial opportunities for larger scale generation projects through the company’s retail business arm “Commercial Green”.

The final agreement  was reached in early October by Senior Board members of both SunPower Corporation & Diamond Energy Pty Ltd. The managing director of Diamond energy, Tony Sennitt, stated:

“This investment by SunPower supports the growth and strengthens Diamond Energy for the upcoming clean energy revolution. We generate change here at Diamond, and through this relationship we will be able to bring the world’s most efficient and reliable solar technology to a broad range of households and businesses throughout Australia at affordable prices. We look forward, with SunPower’s support, to expanding the business into a shining, renewable example of what can be achieved when innovative value is delivered to customers.”

Who are Diamond Energy?

Diamond Energy aims to deliver products designed to help customers get ‘the best possible value’ on their solar PV system investment. The company was established in 2004 and has focused on supporting the clean energy sector by offering better deals to solar (and other micro generation owners) than regular energy retailers. Although the focus of their efforts is providing the lowest carbon footprint energy and environmental sustainability, their focus on residential homes that have, or are planning to, invest in solar power or solar electricity (and other micro low carbon generation) means they can offer a better deal and help owners reduce the pay back time of their system.

In addition to providing good buy-back rates for solar PV owners the company has their own Greenpower Accredited renewable energy generation plants and hope to expand further in the future.

Who is SunPower Corporation?

SunPower has been developing solar PV technology since the 1970’s and is one of the worlds oldest solar panel manufacturers. The company’s website promotes SunPower as being ‘The World’s Standard for Solar™’, the focus of their product development is ‘Highest Efficency’, ‘Highest Reliability’ and ‘Guaranteed Performance’.

The company offers a range of products in a arrange of sizes to suit both residential and commercial scale projects. The company has also developed ‘The SunPower® 25-year combined warranty’ that covers both the performance of the panel and the panel itself.

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Rebecca Boyle


  1. The Greenpearce ‘Green Electricity Guide’ says that you retail electricity in NSW.
    But your website suggests that you are a provider and installer of Solar PV systems.
    We have a solar PV system and are not wanting a system

    But do you retail electricity and if so how do your prices and service compare with Energy Aust, our present suppliers?
    Look forward to hearing
    Greg Roberts

    1. Hi Greg,

      Thanks for the comment.

      I think that I may see where the confusion has come from. Solar Choice is, as you’ve noted, a brokerage for residential & commercial solar PV systems. The electricity retailer mentioned in the Greenpeace guide is Diamond Energy, about whom Solar Choice has written an article. It seems you’ve landed on our article about Diamond Energy as opposed to the official Diamond Energy site.

      That being said, Solar Choice does have an arrangement with Diamond Energy. Please email us on sales@solarchoice.net.au to learn more about how we work with Diamond to get solar customers better solar feed-in tariff rates.

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