Instant solar quotes from Solar Choice

Solar Choice has been offering instant solar quotes through our Solar Quote Comparison since 2008, we’ve provided free and impartial advice to over 50,00 Australians at both residential and commercial levels. We’ve recently upgraded our commercial team and have developed the Solar Choice Tender Management Platform to help our commercial customers manage their solar projects.

Why Solar Choice?

Solar Choice offers customers free, impartial, instant solar quotes for up to 7 installers who operate in their area of Australia, where ever that may be. We have over 100 installers on our network, all of whom are Clean Energy Council accredited, using products that are accredited by the Clean Energy Council and that meet Australian standards for solar components. We perform the due diligence on all our installers on your behalf, meaning you can be confident you’re going with one of the good guys. Our installers represent a wide range of solar PV system price points, ensuring you can get a system that meets your energy needs and your wallet.

We provide a dedicated service to our clients. Once you complete the online Solar Quote Comparison and receive your instant solar quote a member of our brokerage team will be allocated to you. Your personal solar broker will work with you to identify your energy usage, calculate the best size of system based on your needs, answer any question you have about the quotes you have been sent including the differences between the components and installers. We dont charge you for this service, we’re paid by the installer you choose. What’s more, you’ll be charged less than going to the installer directly thanks to the Solar Choice discount.

Solar Choice works out what Federal Government rebates you will be entitled to as part of the initial quote, this helps offset the initial cost of the system, as until June 2013 there is effectively double discount on the first 1.5kW installed.

Why go solar?

In recent months in recent months there has been almost daily mention of the rising cost of energy, this is caused, in part, by the Carbon Price but more so by rising distribution costs as fossil fuels become harder and harder access. Solar power allows you to take control of your energy usage and drastically reduce your bills. Our solar brokers work with you, helping you identify what size system will meet you needs, by closely matching your current energy usage to a solar PV we can all but eliminate you need to pay for grid electricity during the day. If you are able to switch most of you energy use to during the day you can make a real difference to your quarterly energy bills.

Although the days of Premium feed-in tariffs are past some states still offer some sort of feed-in or buy back offers, by using as much of the energy you produce as possible you are effectively benefitting from a 1-to-1 tariff as you are saving yourself the cost of purchasing energy from the grid.

Want more information?

To receive your instant solar quote complete the Solar Quote Comparison to the right of the page or called 1300 78 72 73 and speak to a member of our team.

Rebecca Boyle