Solar Choice brokers 79kW of solar across five sites for Galvins Plumbing Supplies in & around Perth

The Solar Choice Commercial team has brokered a total of 79kW of solar capacity across five separate sites owned by Galvins Plumbing Supplies in and around Perth, WA. Galvins contacted Solar Choice in July 2014 to assess the viability and benefits of solar for each of their WA sites.

Solar Choice’s in-house engineer analysed the company’s electricity consumption and provided a business case for each of the sites, advising the client of the optimal system size as well as likely financial savings.

Due to the fairly high rates of electricity charged by Synergy to their small and medium size business customers, each business case was extremely favourable. Galvins gave the go-ahead for a tender to be carried out by Solar Choice Commercial on five of the company’s Perth locations.

The successful bid was won by a Solar Choice network installer who provided an extremely competitive quote for the installations, totalling 79kW.

Each of the five facilities were assessed individually by the chosen installer with careful consideration taken to ensure that technology and products used were the ideally-suited for their specific site & surroundings.

A combination of the following products were used across the installations: ReneSola & Winaico solar modules combined with Enphase microinverters and ABB inverters.

Not pictured: Willeton facilities (8kW)

Top image: Osborne Park facilities (40kW)

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