Commercial solar power in Melbourne & VIC

Solar power is an attractive investment option and great way to save money for businesses in Melbourne and across the rest of Victoria. This article provides an overview of commercial solar power in Melbourne and other parts of the state.

What are the benefits of commercial solar power in Victoria?

Solar power is a great way for Victoria businesses to save money on their energy bills. Commercial solar power systems are emminently affordable in Australia, which is why a large (and growing) number of businesses with unshaded roof space and ample daytime electricity loads have gone or are going solar. The main benefits are listed below.

Low solar prices

Solar power has never been more affordable in Australia, thanks in part to federal government subsidies available through Australia’s Renewable Energy Target (RET). For solar systems up to 100kW in capacity, the RET provides an up-front incentive in the form of Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs). For systems larger than 100kW, the RET provides an ongoing incentive (until 2030) in the form of Large-scale Technology Certificates (LGCs).

Low maintenance investment

Solar systems generally have few moving parts and require little in the way of regular maintenance. Once installed, the lifespan of a solar system is 25-30 years. Inverters are typically replaced as a matter of course every 5-10 years, while the panels themselves only require regular washing (every 3-6 months).

Tax benefits for businesses with solar

ABN holders may be able to claim depreciation and GST credit on solar system energy yields.

Popular commercial solar system sizes

The most common sizes used in commercial solar installations are 10kW, 30kW, 50kW and 100kW. Solar systems can of course also be any size in between, and may also be much larger. You can see a range of photos for a range of commercial-scale solar projects that Solar Choice has brokered or developed on our Commercial Tenders Management page and below.

300kW West Gippsland Hospital Victoria

300kW solar array for West Gippsland Hospital in Gippsland, Victoria (Tender managed by Solar Choice.)

NGC solar array 2

Aesthetic 100kW solar power system for National Golf Club in Mornington Peninsula, Victoria (Tender managed by Solar Choice.)

Natex Engineering 100kW

100kW solar array for Natex Engineering in Melbourne, Vic (Tender managed by Solar Choice.)

Melbourne Zoo aerial view

100kW solar array across three buildings at Melbourne Zoo (Tender managed by Solar Choice.)

Mildura Early Learning Centre full array

40kW + 30kW rooftop solar installations for early learning centres in Mildura, Victoria (Tender managed by Solar Choice.)

How much energy will a solar system produce?

As a rule of thumb, a solar PV system in Melbourne will generate roughly 3.5 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy per kilowatt of capacity per day on average throughout the year (with more int he summer months and less in the winter).

This means that a 10kW solar system will generate about 35kWh of energy per day, while a 100kW solar system will generate about 350kWh per day. Actual energy yields will vary depending on location, orientation & tilt angle and components used.

Commercial solar system pricing in Melbourne & Victoria

Solar Choice keeps track of commercial solar system prices for capital cities around Australia noting a ~40% decline in the cost of a fully installed commercial solar PV system in the last 5 years. For a full breakdown of cost trends by city and system size – visit our  Commercial PV Price Index articles.  The data used to create the table is sourced from our installer network database, which includes about 100 installers from across Australia.

Commerical Solar Prices


Interested in solar power for your business in Melbourne or elsewhere in Victoria?

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