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Solar Choice Commercial brokers 100kW solar array for Natex Engineering

by Solar Choice Staff on 6 January, 2015

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Solar Choice has brokered the installation of a 100kW solar array for Melbourne-based Natex Engineering. With the client having made the decision to go solar within the space of about two months, the project has one of the shortest turnaround times that Solar Choice has yet brokered for a system of this size.

Natex, which was established in 1957 and undertakes a range of mechanical engineering work, originally got in touch with the Solar Choice Commercial team in mid 2014. At that time, they had already been approached by an installation company about the prospect of going solar, ironically spurring them to look into other options.

Within the month, Solar Choice’s in-house engineer had compiled a business case based on Natex’s energy consumption, recommending an optimum system size for the company of 100kW, as well as projecting the potential energy savings and payback period for such a system.

Within the same month, the installer who was ultimately selected by the client visited the premises to undertake a site inspection, which backed up Solar Choice’s initial assessment of the site and figures.

By the start of the following month, Natex had chosen to follow one of Solar Choice’s recommendations, agreeing to have the 100kW system installed using Power-One inverters. The client said that they opted for this particular supplier not only for their their competitive offer, but also the extended warranty that was available for the products they offered.

Natex Engineering 100kW

Aerial view of the Natex Austrlia campus with 100kW solar array complete.

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