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Samil Power Inverters in Australia

    Samil Power is a solar inverter manufacturer with production plants in China and sales offices in Australia, Germany, UK, Italy, France, USA and China. The company specialises in all […]

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SunPower Solar Panels in Australia

    The world record for solar panel efficiency goes to SunPower‘s solar panels: 24% cell efficiency (sunlight  –> usable electricity in laboratory conditions) and 19.6% conversion efficiency (sunlight –> […]

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Solar Choice at Sustainable House Day 2011

Sustainable House Day (SHD) has taken place every September since 2001. 2010 saw a record 272 homes open their doors to SHD volunteers and over 40,000 local community members with […]

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Is Solar Power right for you in NSW?

If you believe everything you read in the press, you’d think that solar power in NSW was dead and buried. There is reduced upfront federal assistance (RECs, STCs) for homeowners to buy […]

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Types of solar inverter efficiency

        There are three numbers you will come across when considering purchasing a solar inverter based on its efficiency: peak efficiency, Euro (η) efficiency, and CEC efficiency. […]

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